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On Massage and Ayurveda Treatments

Jessica the master Ayurvedic Masseuse is a must! I get massages 2x per week due to back surgeries. I do not let just anyone touch me. Her extensive training and knowledge made my massage just perfect.

~Brad M

The Ayurvedic treatment diva, Jessica K is absolutely extraordinary! Coming from NYC I have had many body treatments, but her intuitive touch and top notch Ayurvedic lineage made the treatments with her something special.


Jessica Kruse provides blissful massages that literally leave you walking on the clouds.

~Jaclyn C


Jessica, the massage genius will provide a body and mind changing experience.

~Monica M

Jessica, the massage therapist/yoga instructor…what an amazing woman she is. Very sweet and down to earth person, who gave the best Turiya Therapy session, that I have ever had (I have never had a turiya therapy session before, but believe me I’m sure it was the best.)



Also, one of my favorite parts of my trip, was my Turiya Therapy massage, by Jessica, who is a beautiful Healer. It is a must do, in my opinion.


~lisayogaangel, Yoga Teacher


The Shirodhara Bliss Treatment I had with Jessica was truly the highlight of my trip to Vida Asana. I had never had one, but as a student and teacher of yoga I had heard of the amazing healing properties of the treatment. I initially thought it would just be great for relaxation, but it far surpassed all my expectations.
I had been battling imbalances with my thyroid and hormones and after my treatment, quite literally everything started to recalibrate. It was like Jessica hit my official reset button. My thoughts have been more clear, energy has been boosted, I’m sleeping soundly, and am energetic upon waking, the weight gain has subsided, and I am effectively am losing the weight I had gained during my time of imbalance.
I am a nurse and am not one to believe in “magic” quick fixes, but I can say without any hesitation that my treatment with Jessica recalibrated my entire system, and left me feeling more vital and energetic. I only wish Jessica was closer, so that I could get these treatments regularly. If you have the opportunity don’t let it pass without getting this incredible healing treatment from Jessica.
The treatment itself was extraordinary, but Jessica’s healing touch made it a nurturing once in a lifetime experience.

~Jaclyn Hughes, Nurse and Yoga Teacher

I am petrified of hights and had decided to take the zip line excursion on my recent trip to Costa Rica. I was on a yoga retreat,  staying at the beautiful Eco Lodge, Vida Asana where Jessica does her Ayurvedic treatments and teaches yoga. The timing couldn’t have been better, luckily I had scheduled a Shirodhara treatment that morning with Jessica. The treatment room is attached to the yoga shalla and has a very cozy and serene atmosphere. I was transported away to a calm place and was left feeling centred and relieved of all my anxiety, not to mention how beautiful my hair and skin felt! I went zip lining  that afternoon and had a great time with almost no fear!! It has been a month since then and the effects have lasted even up until now. Thank you Jessica for this amazing experience.


~Louise Biblow


Also, make sure to book a massage with Jessica Kruse, the on-site massage therapist and yoga instructor. The 2-hour Shirodhara Bliss treatment was amazing, and worth every penny


I was fortunate to squeeze in the Shirodhara treatment. It was beyond relaxing, it was truly transcendent. Bliss!

~Brenda Woods Morace

The best massage I’ve ever had was by the hands of this beautiful lady. Thank you so much Jessica Kruse. You rock!!

~Rish S

I highly recommend the message treatments too with Jessica Kruse.

~Alicia G

I arrived for my yoga retreat at Vida Asana with the worst head cold I’d had in years, and an ear that would not unplug after repeated ascending and descending over several flights to get there. I was miserable, uncomfortable and didn’t feel like doing much of anything, with pain radiating down to my jaw and an inability to hear out of my right ear. Unfamiliar with Ayurvedic practices and generally a subscriber to Western medicine, I wasn’t confident that Jessica would be able to help me, but I was in so much discomfort I was ready to try anything. Jessica did a Nasya treatment on me involving facial massage and drops up my nose – and the results were incredible and instant. As I tilted my head back and the drops Jessica applied went to work, my right ear opened with a whoosh of air and I felt better immediately. Jessica really saved the day and I was able to enjoy the rest of my retreat at Vida Asana thanks to the relief she provided. I will definitely be making an appointment with Jessica again for Ayurvedic treatment the next time I’m in Costa Rica!

~Ariel Servadio


On Yoga Classes & Retreats


I had the privilege of attending an Ayurveda yoga retreat in Guatemala facilitated by Jessica Kruse. Jessica is a gifted teacher and extremely insightful. Additionally, I had one of the best massages I have ever had. Her passion for the practice of yoga and knowledge is contagious. I can’t wait to study with her again. She’s a true blessing to the yoga community


~Ilka Omdahl, Teacher


After being treated to Jessica’s gift of abhyanga massage, and after just a few days of following her simple advice, my 6-year-long struggle with an increasingly imposing health concern began to show noticeable signs of improvement. Through her wisdom and passion for Ayurveda, and as I continue to gradually introduce more of her suggestions, I am seeing positive changes such as: clearer skin, weight loss, more regular digestion, increased energy, healthier habits and relationships, and a general sense of well-being. I am so grateful to have met Jessica and for all of the amazing memories I have of my time at Lake Atitlán.


~Elyse Turpin


Thank you Jessica Kruse for the restorative yoga. It was exactly what I needed after having too much fun during the day!




I crossed paths with Jessica during my yoga retreat at Vida Asana in Costa Rica. Jessica possesses a wisdom and clarity beyond her years. Her presence was immediately therapeutic, and throughout the retreat, she continuously impressed me with her wealth of knowledge and true passion for what she does. Her yoga classes (hatha, vinyasa, restorative) varied in intensity, mentally and physically, but always met each individual’s needs. Her approach was fluid, fun, and at times, evoked emotion. She came around making small adjustments when necessary, and knowledgeable comments/reminders to keep us in check. I was able to successfully achieve metaphysical balance through her guidance. As the days passed, I found myself becoming stronger, mentally physically and emotionally. Beyond her obvious teaching talent, Jessica possesses a solid foundation of Ayurveda healing. I experienced an Ayurveda massage with Jessica, and it truly exceeded my expectations. I only wish I could have experienced more of this healing practice with Jessica. During our retreat, the students were lucky enough to have quality time with Jessica beyond practice, and it was such a pleasure getting to know her as an individual. My true respect for her comes from her extensive knowledge. She wouldn’t only be able to answer with a fact, but instead she could explain ‘why’ in great detail. Jessica has gone above and beyond to educate herself in the field in which she clearly excels. I feel truly blessed to have been a student of Jessica’s. The things that she taught me go beyond words. She is wholesome, wise, and a true asset in the yoga world.

~Meaghan Westbury, Yoga Teacher

This was my first time visiting Costa Rica and my experience was far better than I had hoped for. I came for a 6 day solo “personal wellness retreat” which included daily yoga, delicious and healthy home cooked vegetarian food, ayurvedic consultation + massage with the amazing Jessica Kruse.


I have attended two of Jessica’s Ayurveda and yoga retreat’s and I have yet to find another teacher like her. The retreats were full of yogic wisdom, local culture and memorable experiences. I found her classes so unique, both stimulating and relaxing, I always felt so good after class and like I learned something new! I was not used to doing the breath work and meditation that was included in all classes, but she made me feel comfortable with her kind and professional guidance and now I love pranayama and mediation! I like how she includes Ayurveda workshops that are attainable for all levels of experience, yet are very rich in ancient wisdom. For me this may have been the best part, as I was able to take home what I learned on the retreat and put it to use in my daily life. Oh and how can I not mention her incredible bodywork sessions and truly life changing consultations? Thank you Jessica, you have changed and inspired my life.


~Kelly B, Orthodontist

Jessica is an extraordinary Ayurvedic practitioner. I met her at a yoga retreat and she was a huge part of the experience. She has such a broad knowledge base when it comes to Ayurveda. She always accommodated anyone she could for whatever session they wanted. During the week you could see she had such a passion for her practice and wanted us to get the most out of our sessions. This chick gives the best massages. I actually wanted to drag her back home with me!!! Do not pass up a chance to get in a session with this goddess. You won’t regret it.


~Jasmeen D, Nurse