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Ayurvedic Cooking Classes with Jessica Kruse

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Dinacharya~ Ayurvedic Daily Routine

  Anila Ayurveda  |  

Ayurvedic Daily Routine Ayurveda is an eternal science, something that has no beginning or end. It not only helps you to understand the value…

8 Ayurveda Travel Tips

  Anila Ayurveda  |  

  Stay Hydrated! The air in the airports and aircraft cabin is extremely dehydrating to the body. Plus naturally, travel vitiates vata dosha, increasing…

14 Benefits of an Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

  Anila Ayurveda  |  

1. CONNECT WITH NATURE AND DISCONNECT FROM TECHNOLOGY More often than not, Ayurveda and yoga retreats take place in beautiful locations nestled in nature….